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Hi, I’m Allan Ward, founder of Contar Media. I help financial advisors from around the world learn how to use the internet to attract new clients.

I don’t speak corporate-speak and use words like ‘traction’ and ‘deliverables’.

I don’t give advice that’s great in theory but impossible in practice.

Everything I recommend is based on my years of experience as a financial planner and marketer.

I help smart financial advisors attract more clients. Can I help you?

If this sounds like the sort of thing you’re after, then get in touch with me to find out more.

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Facebook For Financial Advisors

Learn how to attract and retain quality clients using Facebook marketing.

Facebook for Financial Advisors is a training program that shows you how to use Facebook to attract more new clients.

Facebook represents a massive marketing opportunity for financial planners, yet very few businesses are using it well.

The course consists of video and text modules and shows you everything you need to know to stare using Facebook effectively.

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Some of the ways we help financial advisors

Facebook Marketing

If you’re not marketing to your clients on Facebook, someone else is.

Our short courses and articles show you everything you need to know to get up and running with a Facebook marketing strategy.

Business Coaching

Unlock your potential and get your business growing. Learn from our years of experience and gain insights into how to generate new clients leads.

Navigate Industry Change

The financial planning industry is changing and if you’re not changing with it, you’ll be left behind.

Our insights help financial advisors get ahead of the curve.

AMC Ep2 : How google Works

In today’s podcast we talk about google search. Whilst google don’t release details around how they determine which sites rank well in the search results, there are a number of factors that are thought to influence your ranking. Today we talk about some of those factors and give you some practical ideas around getting your site positioned better for google search.

Do Your Clients Understand What You Do?

Often, our financial planning clients don’t fully understand the full range of services we can provide to them. In this article I explore this idea and give you some strategies you can use to better educate your clients about the value you can provide.

Password Management For Financial Advisors

Financial advisors keep a lot of client information on their computer systems. Some of it sits on other websites, some in the cloud in applications like Dropbox, and some sits on their office computer systems. Other information sits in paper files.
Just as you wouldn’t dream of leaving your office doors unlocked at night, you should make sure your electronic data is secured.
This means having strong passwords that aren’t easily broken.
And to be effective, you need a system to store all these passwords.

AMC Ep1 : Website Ideas For Financial Advisors

In the first edition of the Advisor Marketing Club Podcast we talk about websites. Most advisors have a website, but very few are using them effectively to attract new clients. In this podcast we look at some simple strategies you can use to begin to generate leads from your financial planning website.

How To Grow Your Email List

Does this sound familiar? You’ve set up a website to advertise your financial advice business. You set up a form to capture email address and sit back and wait.

And wait.

And nothing happens.

You get very few visitors to your site and no-one signs up to your list.