At a recent work conference I heard a talk by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson from

He introduced a concept called CVS2BVS which I’ll explain here.

CVS refers to the Current View of the Situation.  In a sense, it’s your reality, how you perceive something.  It could be your values or standards…how you feel about something.  In business it could be your perception of a problem – ‘This business can’t do well when the economy is down’ or ‘It’ll never change…it’s always been like that’.

He explained we should never get complacent about things and should always question the way things are.  Which brings us on to the next part of the theory – BVS.

BVS stands for a ‘Better View of the Situation’.  Notice it doesn’t say ‘Best’.  Hewitt-Gleeson’s point is that you can never say something is the ‘best’ i.e. a best way to do something – because this implies that there is no room for improvement.

In all situations, there is room for improvement.  Even if your business is hugely successful, there are always ways you could improve in it.  But if you have the mindset that something is the best, you stop thinking about how to get better.

I found it to be a challenging concept.  There are countless things I do that I need to re-look at and see whether there could be a better way to do them.  Are there better ways to get new clients?  To look after existing clients?  To explain concepts to people?

Hewitt-Gleeson has a book on the subject called Software for your Brain.  It’s free to download and worth a read.

It’s a very challenging concept, but it’s also very rewarding to have the mindset that whatever you do, there could be a better way to do it.

What do you think?  Have a read of the book and let me know your thoughts.