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Allan Ward 250x250 Hi, I’m Allan Ward, the founder of Contar Media. I help financial advisors use the internet to grow their businesses.

The Yellow Pages are dead. These days, when people are looking for a service, they’re more likely to use Google than the Yellow Pages.

And having a website isn’t enough. You can build the best looking website, but without traffic, it’s worth nothing. And when it comes to marketing on the internet, you don’t just need a website, you need a web strategy.

You need to know how to leverage your website, negotiate Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, build up an email list of prospects while at the same time running your business.

But all of that is a waste if you don’t have a marketing strategy for your financial planning business. Activity is good, but activity without results is pointless.

And that’s how we help. We help you discover more about using the internet to market your financial planning business.

But we also help you build a robust marketing plan that uses online and offline methods to grow your advisory business.

We’re passionate about helping financial planning business owners learn how to use the same tools that their larger competitors are using to attract more customers. Using the internet need not be a costly exercise if you know what you’re doing.

We work with a range of different businesses, but specialise in working with Financial Advisors, and owners of service-based businesses.

Read on to find out more about what we do, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. When you subscribe, you also get access to our guide “The Financial Planner’s Website Checklist” packed with ideas for your website.

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Financial Advisor Marketing

How To Grow Your Email List

How To Grow Your Email List

Does this sound familiar? You’ve set up a website to advertise your financial advice business. You set up a form to capture email address and sit back and wait.

And wait.

And nothing happens.

You get very few visitors to your site and no-one signs up to your list.Continue Reading

There Are Better Ways

There Are Better Ways

Is there a better way to do things? I think in most cases the answer is “yes”. Lately I’ve been to a view events and presentations that have reinforced to me that our industry needs an injection of innovative thinking. Have a read and see what I think we could do better.Continue Reading

How To Get A List Of The Posts On Your WordPress Blog

How To Get A List Of The Posts On Your WordPress Blog

For a while now I’ve been meaning to get a list of all the posts I’ve written on this site. I’m conscious that there are a lot of articles that I’ve written that are buried in the archives of the Contar Media blog, and they may not get seen very much. So I’m making an effort to revive some of those articles and start to promote them more. But before I can promote them, I need a list.

In this article I’ll show you how to use a snippet of code to retrieve a list of all the Posts and Articles from your Wordpress site. This only works for Wordpress – if your website is built on another blogging platform these instructions won’t work (sorry!).Continue Reading

About Allan Ward

Allan Ward

My name is Allan Ward and I'm a financial planner in Adelaide, South Australia. Over the past years I've learnt how to use the internet to attract and retain quality clients. Now I'm sharing that information with other financial planners who are interested in doing things differently.

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